About Us

Executive Director of Psychological Services Clinic
Debora Bell, Ph.D.

Director of Center for Evidence-Based Youth Mental Health
Kristin Hawley, Ph.D.
Erika Waller, Ph.D.

Clinical Supervisors for Youth Mental Health Services
Kristin Hawley, Ph.D.
Meg Klein-Trull, Ph.D.
Jenna Strawhun, Ph.D.
Erika Waller, Ph.D.

Doctoral Student Clinicians and Assessors
Jasmine Berry
Kelly Bolland
Mattina Davenport
Kelsey Irvin
Lindsey Landgrebe
Siena Tugendrajch
Mike Van Wie

Diagnostic evaluations and evidence-based therapy services are provided by doctoral students closely supervised by licensed doctoral level psychologists at our training clinic.

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